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Dr. Romi Ran

Transform your life.

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Dr. Romi Ran


Romi is a British Clinical Psychologist, Food, Eating and Body Image specialist and Transformational Coach. She has over 15 years experience working with individuals across the age span looking to transform their lives. Her specialisms include food, eating or Body image difficulties; Relationship/Family problems, Parenting support, Depression, Anxiety, Sleep-difficulties, Work discontentment, life dissatisfaction and much more.

Work with


One-on-one sessions, online appointments, seminars and speaking events for those who prefer a personalized and highly tailored approach

Romi also shares her techniques through motivational workshops and extensive retreats


“I was recommended to see Romi by a friend of mine. At first I was reluctant because we would be “meeting” online but this was actually not an issue at all! For anyone who is worried about it, rest assured you still get incredible service and therapy! I initially came to work with Romi for eating issues but this very soon became a more generalized intervention. Romi has helped me in all spheres of my life and working with her has been the best investment I have ever made."


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