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1:1 Sessions

Romi has been offering 1:1 therapy and coaching sessions for over a decade.

She offers support for: 

  • Relationship/family difficulties

  • Low self-esteem/lack of confidence

  • Work discontentment

  • life dissatisfaction/lack of purpose

  • Depression, 

  • Anxiety, 

  • Sleep-difficulties

  • Conscious dying/death and grief support

Parent Coaching

In 2017, Romi set up Village For Parents, the online service that offers video sessions to parents for support with their children. The service was the result of a research project Romi carried out in which parents reported that one of their main difficulties was not being able to get quick, convenient and expert advice when they needed it most.  

Now, Romi and her team of associates offer quick, easy, on demand video call appointments to parents who need that ‘in the moment’ support. 


It was absolutely brilliant working with Romi. I came to her suffering with anxiety and panic attacks. After just a few sessions  I had learnt practical skills and techniques to use “in the moment.” My change was so quick that Romi and I took a break after just 2 months. Nearly 8 months later and I still have not had a single panic attack! I sometimes still feel anxious but when this happens, I know exactly what I can do to help myself. I am so pleased I came to see Romi.

— Freddie, 2016, UK

Image by Fuu J

“Romi and I started working together when I was going through such an awful time in my life. I saw Romi for almost a year but on and off. I can honestly say that our sessions have had such a positive impact on my life. I have completely changed how I see myself and how I relate to others. My work, home-life, motivation and outlook have positively improved and I now value my general wellbeing and ensure I take good care of myself.

— Anonymous, 2018, Florida

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