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1:1 Sessions

Romi has been offering 1:1 therapy and coaching sessions for over a decade.

She offers support for: 

  • Relationship/family difficulties

  • Low self-esteem/lack of confidence

  • Work discontentment

  • life dissatisfaction/lack of purpose

  • Depression, 

  • Anxiety, 

  • Sleep-difficulties

  • Conscious dying/death and grief support


It was absolutely brilliant working with Romi. I came to her suffering with anxiety and panic attacks. After just a few sessions  I had learnt practical skills and techniques to use “in the moment.” My change was so quick that Romi and I took a break after just 2 months. Nearly 8 months later and I still have not had a single panic attack! I sometimes still feel anxious but when this happens, I know exactly what I can do to help myself. I am so pleased I came to see Romi.

— Freddie, 2016, UK

Image by Fuu J

“Romi and I started working together when I was going through such an awful time in my life. I saw Romi for almost a year but on and off. I can honestly say that our sessions have had such a positive impact on my life. I have completely changed how I see myself and how I relate to others. My work, home-life, motivation and outlook have positively improved and I now value my general wellbeing and ensure I take good care of myself.

— Anonymous, 2018, Florida

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