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Tired of Food Controlling You?

Transform Your Life Now

"Bite Sized Peace" will transform you. It will make you think in ways you had not thought before possible".

- Angela Goodman, UK -

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Recently Released!

I'm thrilled to announce the release of my first book,  "Bite Sized Peace," which is now available for purchase on Amazon. This groundbreaking guide is designed to help you nurture a healthier relationship with your body and food, and teaches how to then apply these transformative concepts to all aspects of your life.


Dive into the compelling insights and experiential exercises it has to offer, and discover how "Bite Sized Peace" can be the key to positive change in every area of your journey.

Eager to get started? Secure your copy through Amazon below. Your path toward inner harmony and holistic well-being begins here.

About the Book

"Bite Sized Peace" empowers readers to listen to their bodies, make mindful choices, and unlock transformative potential. With lots of tools, tips and experiential tasks, this book guides you toward lasting change in your relationship with food and all aspects of life. Break free from the food and eating and body image obsession! 

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Who is the book for?

This book is for those seeking to transform their relationship with food, eating, and their body. If you relate to any of these categories, this book is for you:

  • Chronic Dieters looking to break free from the dieting rollercoaster

  • Binge Eaters ready to regain control over their eating habits

  • Emotional Eaters seeking practical solutions to their food-related emotions

  • Body Image Sufferers committed to self-acceptance and change

  • Nutrition Enthusiasts hungry for insights on how to nourish their bodies

  • Caregivers who want to offer more effective and empathetic support

  • Healthcare Professionals dedicated to enhancing their support capabilities

  • Mindful Eaters wanting a conscious approach to food and eating

  • Self-Explorers seeking insights into food and body image habits.

  • Seekers of Holistic Well-being exploring food's impact on overall wellness.

For Healthcare Practitioners: Conduct a comprehensive suitability assessment before applying methods from this book in a clinical setting.


Not Suitable for Clinical Patients: This book is not intended for individuals diagnosed with clinical eating disorders.

Alexa Young, Los Angeles

"This book has helped me really take a hard look at myself, my habits, and my past to give me a solid path to move forward with my body."

Morgan James, London

"I pride myself on my relationships, but the biggest relationship I have needed work in is the one with myself [and my mirror] but this book has really helped me repair with me."

Lisa Driver, Boston

"Thank you for writing such an inspiring, creative, and clever book to help me understand the struggles my daughter has been facing, and why."

About the Author: Dr Romi Ran

Dr Romi Ran is a passionate speaker on educator in the field of well-being. With years of experience and a unique perspective on the complex relationship between food, body image and our lives, she has crafted an insightful and transformative book, Bite Size Peace.
Through this book, Dr Ran shares her expertise in a practical and relatable way, helping readers embark on a journey of transformation and positive change.

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Mindful Eating task: From Chapter 16

Mindful Eating TaskDr Romi Ran
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Mindful Eating Task
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