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Background and Credentials 

Romi received her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from The University of Oxford, UK.  She has experience utilizing various treatment models including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Mindfulness-based approaches, and Solution focused therapy (SFBT). 

Prior to her doctorate, Romi completed her Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) training and worked as a DBT therapist in several outpatient and hospital settings with adults engaging in suicidal and para-suicidal behaviours. She also worked as a Research Coordinator in the Department of Psychology at Harvard University (Boston, MA) where she was involved in several research studies in the field of self- harm and suicide. 

Romi has also devoted much of her time and interest to exploring Eastern meditative practices, particularly those of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. Her continual studies and dedicated meditative practice both informs and enhances her professional work. She is especially interested in sharing the often unknown overlap between Eastern traditions and Psychology and recognizes the importance of both for transformational growth.  

When she is not working, Romi also enjoys dancing, traveling and hiking with her husband, two young kids and dog, Freud.


About Dr. Romi Ran

Dr Romi Ran is an British Clinical Psychologist, Coach, & Speaker.  She provides 1:1 sessions to clients from across the globe as well as coducting workshops and seminars to businesses, hotels and wellness venues across the UK, Europe and Americas.   

Romi has devoted much of her professional life to supporting individuals with Food, Eating and Body Image difficulties.

Her approach challenges societal views and myths relating to diets, eating and weight. She supports clients to be their own expert and not rely on the advice (or rules) of others to nourish themselves.


Romi's methods include teaching people how to eat when they are hungry; choose foods that nourish their bodies; stop when they are full; and to eat mindfully.  

​Romi has countless individuals to obtain complete freedom from the constraints of disordered eating and body obsession.

More importantly, Romi has seen that through cultivating an intimate awareness of how we relate to food and eating, we open a gateway to all aspects of ourselves, which can be used to transform our lives completely.  

Romi also works with people suffering from other difficulties such as anxiety, panic-disorder, depression,  work/career dissatisfaction, relationship issues, parenting, and end of life or grief related struggles. 

She is a strong advocate of mindfulness and meditation techniques and integrates them in her work. Her methods are based on scientific evidence-based methods and utilize experiential techniques,  anecdotal stories and an abundance of humour. 

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