A true facilitator of incredible change
When I first met with Dr Romi Ran, I was not new to the concept of being in therapy. In fact, I started work with my first psychologist at the age of 16 when I was still at school. At the time, I was really struggling with the early stages of anorexia….Through our work together, Romi was able to furnish me with tools and skills that had never been presented before. She was able to play scenarios with me and give me actual examples from her years of experience. Romi challenged me and gave me homework to work on and push myself with. She was kind, never judgemental and nothing was too much for her to understand and empathise with. Romi facilitated the greatest change in me that I had thought would never be possible. She allowed me to love myself, to see my body as beautiful, she gave me freedom. Through our work together, I can truly say that I now love myself and my binge-purge coping routine has truly become a thing of the past. There will never be enough words to explain how my mental health has impacted every part of my life but I hope this gives you a sense. Romi is a true facilitator of growth, of health and of inner balance and peace, I will never be able to recommend her enough. Thank you Romi.

Anonymous, 2015

“Romi and I started working together when I was going through such an awful time in my life. I saw Romi for almost a year but on and off. I can honestly say that our sessions have had such a positive impact on my life. I have completely changed how I see myself and how I relate to others. My work, home-life, motivation and outlook have positively improved and I now value my general wellbeing and ensure I take good care of myself.

GE, 2014

I can highly recommend Romi. She is so caring and easy to talk to. Right from our first assessment session I felt completely at ease. I would wholeheartedly recommend working with Romi to anyone who is suffering or feels they need change in their life.

AW, aged 27, 2015

Romi helped me to understand and explore different aspects of myself. I am so grateful for that! Thank you Romi.

FO, 32, 2013

It was absolutely brilliant working with Romi. I came to her suffering with anxiety and panic attacks. After just a few session I had learnt practical skills and techniques to use “in the moment.” My change was so quick that Romi and I took a break after just 2 months. Nearly 8 months later and I still have not had a single panic attack! I sometimes still feel anxious but when this happens, I know exactly what I can do to help myself. I am so pleased I came to see Romi.

FK, 22, 2016

I came to see Romi when I was going through a divorce with my partner and wanted some extra support. Romi gave me a really safe and open space to talk things through. She really helped me make a difficult time a little less difficult. I would highly recommend Romi.

MS, 37, 2014

I didn’t really know what to expect going in to the therapy but even from our very first telephone conversation I was put complete at ease. Romi has such a lovely way about her and made me feel so welcomed. It was easy to open up and our therapy sessions over the last couple of months were a really good experience. Thank you for your help.

SP, 28, 2016

“I live in Australia and was recommended to see Romi by a friend of mine. At first I was reluctant because we would be “meeting” through skype but this proved to not be an issue at all! For anyone who is worried about it, rest assure – you still get incredible service and therapy! I initially came to work with Romi for eating issues but this very soon became a more generalized intervention. Romi has helped me in all spheres of my life and working with her has been the best investment I have ever made.

GD, 33 2015

You tend to either get people with natural talent or learnt skill. Romi has both! It has been a pleasure working with her and I am a much more complete person as a result. Highly recommended.

TE, 37 2014

My wife and I came to see Romi for couples work. We had tried a few other therapists and organizations before we found Romi but none of them felt right. Romi’s work was fundamental to the positive changes made to our marriage. She not only gave us a space to talk openly to one another but her active skills-focused approach meant that we would also have ‘homework’ tasks to practice between sessions which made a hige difference to our relationship. Since seeing Romi we have been communicating better, listening to each other more, ensuring we get enough ‘us’ time


All testimonials here have been given with the permission of clients. They have been anonymized to keep confidentiality